Forster Accommodation

Holidays with JKL

When you book your holiday accommodation with the JKL Holiday Team, you’ll notice a few things about us that may be different from the rest – we take customer service very seriously and we value the ongoing relationships with our guests – something we’re sure you’ll notice when you come stay with us. Many of our guests are like family and have been staying with JKL for over 15 years! We aim to ensure that your holiday is a hit from the moment you make a reservation with us, to the time you hand your keys in and head back home. Whether you’re looking for a romantic long weekend luxurious getaway or a family holiday with the kids – our JKL Holiday Team will look after you.

We have a range of holiday accommodation to suit every holiday maker – luxury penthouses, ocean front apartments, beachfront houses, lakeside units.

JKL Real Estate

John and Karen Hoswell started JKL real estate as a duo 16 years ago in 1996. The business began to grow immediately with property management and sales increasing beyond their wildest dreams.
In 1999 JKL made a move to "Sundeck Plaza" in Wallis Street, Forster. Their business continued to boom, before long the new office which seemed impossible to fill was busting at the seems.
By 2004 it was time again to expand, John and Karen were fortunate for the opportunity to move to the "The Marina" which was, at the time about to begin construction. With months of preparation in May 2004 the transition finally took place. The new position again created more business for JKL and the once small business began to expand once again. JKL is now very established with John and Karen leading 9 wonderful staff members who are ready to assist you with your every need.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday - 8.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday (peak) - 8.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday (off peak) - 8.00am to 3.00pm
Sunday - 10.00am to 2.00pm
(by appointment and peak season only)